Omniverse 助力实现新的创作方式

Jon Peddie Research Omniverse 白皮书

How Omniverse is Changing the Way We Create

NVIDIA Omniverse is a virtual collaboration and simulation platform that connects leading industry content creation tools, users, and assets in a shared virtual space.

Powered by NVIDIA RTX technology, and based on Pixar’s Universal Scene Description (USD), the Omniverse platform transforms the entire 3D content creation pipeline. Gone are the days of tedious import-export, data prep, and model decimation. Now, artists, designers, and creators can build, modify, and stylize a shared 3D project—simultaneously.

Download this whitepaper, written by Dr. Jon Peddie, founder and president of Jon Peddie Research, for an overview of the Omniverse platform and its components, how workflows function, and the next evolution of content creation pipelines.

Omniverse 如何改变我们的创作方式

NVIDIA Omniverse 是一款虚拟协作和模拟平台,可在一个共享的虚拟空间中连接领先的行业内容创作工具、用户和资源。

Omniverse 平台由 NVIDIA RTX™ 技术提供支持,并且基于 Pixar 的 Universal Scene Description (USD),能改变整个 3D 内容创作流程。繁琐的导入/导出、数据准备和模型抽取工作已经一去不复返。如今,艺术家、设计师和创作者可以同时构建、修改和风格化共享的 3D 项目。

请下载此白皮书(由 Jon Peddie Research 的创始人兼总裁 Jon Peddie 博士撰写),了解 Omniverse 平台及其组件的概况、工作流程的运行方式和内容创作流程的未来演变。

Jon Peddie Research Omniverse Whitepaper


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