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Siemens PLM software coupled with NVIDIA professional graphics solutions make real-time visualization and sophisticated rendering valuable assets for everyone involved in the product development process.

CAE Photorealistic

NX Ray Traced Studio photorealistic rendering offers the most realistic, interactive rendering style. It takes advantage of NVIDIA Quadro GPU technology to speed up rendering, giving you fast, yet compelling results.

NX Ray Traced Studio

Even though NX Ray Traced Studio uses sophisticated ray traced rendering techniques, it's easy to use with scene environments and materials provided for you as well as a dedicated rendering task environment. With NX Ray Traced Studio you can easily interact with a realistic depiction of your model, while you select materials, environment and even while you make changes to the model itself.

NX Ray Traced Studio

通过使用 NX Ray Traced Studio 来生成互动而超逼真的复杂设计视图,从而减少产品设计决策的不确定性。 NVIDIA GPU 性能让用户能够在自己的工作流程中融入高画质评审环节,以便与主要的利益相关者更快地做出产品决策,缩短投产时间。

NX rendering

NX rendering virtual prototyping fosters a better understanding and communication of product aesthetics early in the process, accelerating the design cycle. Using digital images and display produced by NX rendering throughout the process helps bring your products to market faster.

NVIDIA 专业显卡可减少视觉失真现象,从而帮助您在不牺牲性能的情况下完善最复杂的设计细节。设计的模型将呈现出平滑、准确的边缘,原因是 NVIDIA® Quadro® 全景抗锯齿 (最高 128X) 技术能实时去除边缘锯齿。